DIY 3D Wall Clock, Black Letters&Numbers

DIY 3D Wall Clock, Black Letters&Numbers

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Large wall clocks are not just meant for only time keeping as they can add style to the decoration of a home and complement the design!

With our oversized wall clocks you can achieve the Retro European style hanging clock at home. This decorative wall clock is designed with the 3D effect, creative and attractive this clock can be easily installed without the need of the nail and no damage on the wall. Very easy to read numbers and dials. Stylish and versatile, extra large wall clock is the perfect living room or office centerpiece and a wonderful gift for any occasion. It's an important addition to any home!

Large Wall clock Size:

The abstract design of the stylish, fully reveals your unique personality timers, futuristic concept is no longer just used to grasp the time but make you have a grasp of life, free and pleasant attitude towards life, can change the appearance of a flexible design, you can adjust the swing page as you want to, to create your own time. Just DO IT YOURSELF!

This product is suitable for all kind of walls.

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