Large Jellyfish Tank Colour Changing LED Mood Light

Large Jellyfish Tank Colour Changing LED Mood Light


Enjoy the indoor ocean atmosphere: Like a real jellyfish swimming calmly, creating a calm and steady atmosphere, the LED animated jellyfish lamp simulates the deep sea environment, the jellyfish dances with the light of color change, relaxing the spirit of a busy day.

This is the ideal cylinder mood lamp for all situations, as a centerpiece on your table, on your office desk, or on your bedside table. Anywhere it goes it will be sure to get attention. This atmospheric mood lamp has little jellyfishes bobbing around and many LED lights that light them up as they float.

No Feeding Required: The aquarium jellyfish lamp can create a cute and colorful aquarium effect, does not require frequent feedings and water changes, and is easy to clean and maintain.

The jellyfish are realistic and even have the tendrils that float behind them as they move creating a realistic effect without the hassle of cleaning out the tank.


  • Soothing mood light
  • Includes 2 or 3 large glowing Jelly Fish depending on the size you choose
  • 18 Led’s and 6 light Effects
  • Jellyfish swim with realistic movement
  • No cleaning or feeding required
  • Easy to set up
  • Mains Powered with Automatic switch off after 4 Hours.

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