Portable Car Jump Starter

Portable Car Jump Starter

£99.99 £179.99

This trickle charger for car battery is an intelligent battery charger and maintainer, all in one compact, shock-proof unit.

This increasingly popular device has a massive amount of applications never before undertaken, from charging your caravan battery, golf trolley, while driving along in your car, to charging large battery banks in lorries or boats. It ca be used as a motorcycle battery charger...etc

This charger is fully automatic and simple to use. No specialist knowledge required for use. It comes with crocodile clamps and also practical ring-terminals for a more permanent connection.


  • Start your car up to 40 times per charge with our sleek 12v lithium battery car jump starter.
  • Suitable for any vehicle up to 4l Petrol or a 2.5l Diesel engine.
  • The luxurious design imitates car headlights giving it a high-end look.
  • Simple to connect and easy to use: fully automatic, spark free, reverse polarity protected
  • Tough and reliable: Designed for outdoor use at any temperature
  • Flexible: compatible with many different types of vehicle batteries
  • The power bank has one USB output for charging your phone and other devices.
  • A built-in flashlight with multi-mode lighting: constant, SOS, and flashing.
  • Effective: restores battery life and reconditions flat batteries
  • Maintains: ideal for carefree long-term maintenance charging

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