Wooden Multilevel Cat Scratching Post

Wooden Multilevel Cat Scratching Post


With this Modern scratching and sleeping spot,  your cats can scratch, perch, hide, climb and relax to their heart's content. It suits any decor.

This Cat tree provides hours of interactive fun for your cat to enjoy all day.

Your cat can sharpen their claws on the Cat Tower Tree while having fun, which provides a healthy outlet for their scratching instincts.

The premium material memory-foam inside the soft cushions molds exactly to the body shape of your cat, providing your beloved feline with extra comfort.

Prevent your furniture, curtains or sofa from being scratched:

Some cats get upset when you leave them alone at home. If that describes your cat, then this Cat Scratching Toy is a great solution. Sphere Scratching Ball provides a dedicated place for scratching and alleviates destructive behavior to household objects.

The scratching post is made out of sturdy natural-colored seagrass, which provides your cat with the best scratching material.

Easy to Install:

This cat climbing tree is simple to operate. Smart design to prevent the cat scratching post to fall. Made of solid wood and hemp rope material, recyclable, environmentally protection, wear-resistant

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