Cat Scratching Ball

Cat Scratching Ball

£29.99 £55.99

Scratch away your problems and satisfy your cat's natural scratching instinct with this Cat Scratching Post Ball!

Scratch Ball provides hours of interactive fun for your cat to enjoy all day.

Well-designed according to cat's habits, practical, innovative, environmentally protection, space-saving, multi-functional, small and compact, not take up too much space.

Prevent your furniture, curtains or sofa from being scratched:

Some cats get upset when you leave them alone at home. If that describes your cat, then this Cat Scratching Toy is a great solution. Sphere Scratching Ball provides a dedicated place for scratching and alleviates destructive behavior to household objects.

Sphere shape provides additional opportunities for jumping and pouncing while the feather-tipped tassel engages your cat in play. Watch as your cat stretches and tones while keeping nails groomed and paws.

Easy to Install:

Simple to operate. Smart design to prevent the cat scratching post to fall. Made of solid wood and hemp rope material, recyclable, environmentally protection, wear-resistant

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