Agriculture Atomizer Nozzles

Agriculture Atomizer Nozzles

£21.99 £43.99

Main Features:

  • Large flow atomization: watering is more convenient and will not hurt flowers and crops. Very suitable for landscaping, agricultural drought resistance, watering, watering flowers, grassing.
  • High-quality ABS: 3-5 headwater spray ,ABS plastic rotating lawn spray head.
    Rotary sprinkler: Adjust the amount of water and the water output mode, evenly discharge the water, adjust the angle of the irrigation position, and adjust the density, size, and range of the water.
  • Easy to use: Connect the water connector to the water pipe and use it for easy watering.
  • Large-area watering: very suitable for adding water to medium to large storage yards. The higher the water pressure, the better the atomization.

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