3.8M Telescopic Ladder

3.8M Telescopic Ladder

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It's created from aluminium 1.3mm thick, and can carry a maximum of 330lbs/150kg. What's more, this telescoping ladder measures 3.8m when fully extended, which is higher than most extending ladders.

Ideal where space is an issue during transport or whilst storing, this telescopic loft ladder Climb is available in 3.8-meters length, making it perfect for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers, as well as commercial contractors and tradesmen. Compact, lightweight and easy to use and to carry, it still has the strength, safety and durability to tackle most projects as you would expect from a traditional extension ladder.

Its many safety features offer secure use. Bright yellow markings indicate maximum climbing height. The stabilization bar at the ladder's base helps ensure stable use, while the ladder's non-slip rubber feet are specially shaped to keep the ladder more stable when used at an angle. The ladder's strong, secure locking mechanism gives you peace of mind during use. When closing the ladder, the ladder rungs stay 2.5cm apart to protect your fingers.

The ladder is easy to close, carry and store: this telescoping ladder has convenient button-operated closure: With a touch of only 2 buttons, the whole ladder will fold for storage quickly and safely, and it folds to a compact length of 105cm. Its light weight of 15.87kg makes it easy to transport, and it comes with its own strap to secure it together.

QUICK ADJUSTMENTS: This 12 step telescopic ladder features independent locking pins. Each step can be quickly adjusted and the ladder can be extended or shortened for various tasks. Simply press in both side buttons on the rung you wish to adjust and slide into place at the desired height. Each section can be adjusted in increments of 30cm allowing specific heights to be easily accessible. When it is fully extended, this ladder measures at a length of 3.8 meters

RELIABLE AND BUILT TO BE SAFE - EN131-6: Our ladders are built to high standards, for extended use and durability. They do not bend like other, weaker ladders. They are also simple to extend and retract.

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